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SAVE FOOD debuts in China with a featured area and forum during swop 2017, which will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 7-10, 2017. SAVE FOOD China will share solutions with the public about problems of food waste, extending the shelf life of food and preventing spoilage and damage during transportation. The Initiative in China has received a lot of positive response from the international and domestic communities. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), together with MULTIVAC, TOMRA, Berry, Danbell and nearly 20 other companies will showcase their innovative concepts and technologies for food packaging at the event.

The SAVE FOOD China Forum will be held on the 2nd day of swop 2017 (8th Nov.). FAO and The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture will deliver a speech on "global promotion and technical advancements of the SAVE FOOD Initiative" and "Demands of Saving Food in China". Berry, MULTIVAC, TOMRA and other socially responsible suppliers with innovative skills in the packaging industry will also join the forum to share the latest developments in material technology, vacuum packaging, detection technology, etc. 

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SAVE FOOD China Forum Preview

Xiamen Changsu

Xiamen Changsu is the biggest global supplier of biaxial oriented polyamide film (BOPA). As the ambassador of SAVE FOOD China, Xiamen Changsu will share the innovative technology of high barrier packaging material for food safety and food conversation in China. Learn more. 


MULTIVAC, a world leading packaging equipment manufacturer, its product thermoforming stretch film packaging machine helped British meat processing enterprises, Dovecote Park extend the shelf life of products by 100% and increase the company’s turnover by nearly 20%. Learn more.

Berry Global

Berry Global, one of the world’s leading innovative packaging and protection solutions vendor. With a proven expertise in both rigid and flexible packaging, Berry Global is in the unique position to develop hybrid solutions through their technologies, creating packaging solutions that are at the intersection of rigid and flexible and they will share their innovative concept of food packaging during the forum. Learn more.


TOMRA will share the topic "Food safety, yield optimization and energy efficiency from farm to folk". They developed The ‘Eco Steam Peeler’ which is able to peel more than 3,000 potatoes in 7 seconds, and at the same time it consumes 28% less steam compared with other similar machines, to help food processors to reduce energy consumption, saving cost and improving productivity at the same time. Learn more. 


The research and development laboratories of Nestle, Pepsi, and COFCO are using equipment provided by MOCON Inc, a leading company in modified atmosphere packaging technology and instruments for packaging testing. These technologies serve analytical purposes for the packaging of beverages, dairy, snack foods, dried fruits, spices, baked foods, fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to the study of food preservation and shelf life to avoid insufficient or excessive packaging. Learn more.

Beijing Lantsai

Intelligent packaging is a trending topic within the industry.Smart Tag, developed and patented by Beijing Lantsai Technology Co., Ltd, provided a strong incentive for the intelligent packaging. Based on the data which shows that products deteriorate under abnormal storage and transportation conditions, this technology can consistently monitor product quality in the sectors of logistics and sale of the products, the temperature inside and outside the package and time. 

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