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Do you know "the most of the world" in Shanghai?


The World's Largest Underground Musical Theater

Shanghai Culture Square Theater

Shanghai Culture Square Theater is ideally located in downtown Shanghai, with South Maoming Road on the east, South Shaanxi Road on the west, Middle Fuxing Road on the north and Yongjia Road on the south. This tranquil and appealing place has been witnessing the city's vicissitudes over the past century. Different from other theaters, this unusual architecture is built from 38 meters deep down the earth. With 2011 seats in total, it leads the world in both audience capacity and stage area. World famous classic musicals such as "Cat" and "Les Misérables" have been staged here.

The World's Largest Bridge-Tunnel Complex

Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge

The Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel starts on the south bank of the Yangtze River at Wuhaogou, Pudong and ends in the south of Changxing Island. It is 8.95 kilometers in length, with 7.5 kilometers under water. The tunneling shields are 15.2 meters in diameter, the largest of its kind in the world and being nominated as a world record candidate by the World Record Association.

The World's Tallest Hotel

Shanghai Tower J Hotel

The Shanghai Tower is a megatall skyscraper that rises out of Shanghai's riverside financial district. This year, Shanghai Tower will open and put an exclamation point on Shanghai's futuristic skyline. The world's tallest luxury hotel - Shanghai Tower J Hotel occupies the 84th-110th floors, with the lobby on the 101th floor. This five-star hotel is operated and managed by Interstate China, and has 258 rooms (suites) in total, each covering 70 square meters on average. It also has 6 "sky lobbies", where guests can relax and enjoy stunning city view. The Shanghai Tower totally has 24 such "sky lobbies" built 500 meters high above the ground, setting a Guinness World Record.

The World's Largest Transportation Hub

Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub

Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub is an innovative urban transport network combining airport, high-speed railway, maglev and subway. It is the world's largest transportation center both in capacity and scale.

The World's Largest Racing Facility

Shanghai International Circuit

Shanghai International Circuit is a motorsport race track best known as the venue for the annual Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix. The total length of the circuit is about 7 kilometers, consisting of Formula One (F1) circuit and other race tracks designed for holding various world class sports events. The track layout looks like the Chinese character shang (上), the first character in the name of the city Shanghai, meaning "above" or "ascend". With a 50,000-seat covered grandstand and several other open air seating areas, the whole circuit can accommodate up to 200,000 spectators.

The World's Biggest Extreme Sports Park

Shanghai Extreme Sports Theme Park

New Jiangwan City SMP Skate Park will not only be the biggest one in the world, but also the best one in the world because many of its design features are unique and can only be seen in Shanghai. As the level of the world athletes are improving every year, many old skate parks are in danger of being out of date and that is why he has designed many difficult features in this Shanghai Park. The arrival of the extreme sports theme park will lead the next run of Shanghai sports fashion.

The World's Longest Metro Lines

Shanghai Metro

Back to the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, the total length of Shanghai Metro lines was 420 kilometers, already surpassing the record held by London and New York.

In 2014, the total length of Shanghai metro lines was 567 kilometers, still on top of the world.

By 2020, the total length of Shanghai metro lines is expected to reach about 877 kilometers. According to the municipal government, Shanghai Metro eyes 1,000 kilometers in the longer term.

The World's Largest Green Wall

Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion

Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion has the world's largest area of green walls, extending up to 5,000 square meters. They are covered with Shanghai's local green plants, making the pavilion an attractive "green pearl". These vertical gardens not only provide a beautiful landscape, but also absorb carbon dioxide and keep down summer temperature.

A City with the Largest Number of Trade Shows in the World for the Coming Decade: Auto Shows, Food Shows, Home Shows...

Apart from modern shopping malls, a seemingly endless array of trade shows is also a good choice for people living in Shanghai. Auto shows, RV shows, art shows, sculpture shows, food shows... You can find and enjoy any exhibition that you are interested in here, as long as you have enough time.

A City with the Largest Number of High-Rises in the World

Lujiazui Financial District

Shanghai, 13 February 2014 - Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov, the Russian daredevils who have taunted authorities from Egypt to the Czech Republic by climbing some of the most towering structures on the planet, have done it again. This time the target was the world's second-tallest building: the nearly 650-meter-high, still-under-construction Shanghai Tower in China. The men clambered in the clouds without ropes or other safety equipment, and peered down on one of the biggest cities on the globe from a tangle of metal grating and red scaffolding. Shanghai now has the largest number of high-rises and skyscrapers in the world, surpassing the record held by New York.

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