Statements from exhibitors & visitors

Statements from exhibitors & visitors

Exhibitor and Visitor Statements for swop – Shanghai World of Packaging 2023


Exhibitor Statements
  • Mr. Jeff Yuan

    Key Account Manager-Consumer, KUKA ROBOTICS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China

    " Onsite swop we contacted a lot of high-quality visitors from home and abroad, many international professional associations and delegation groups came to our booth for supply and demand matchmaking, the atmosphere at booth is great. I hope that swop can be more and more successful in the future"

  • Mr. Justin Wang

    Application Engineering Manager, Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., China

    "In recent years, we have more and more packaging clients and we find that many of our packaging clients come to visit swop. We have also participated swop before, and found that it is a professional exhibition, there are many professional visitors and many professional equipment manufacturers. This is the reason we decided to partichpate"

  • Mr. Lai Jinxing

    Assistant Director of Sales, HANGZHOU ZHONGYA MACHINERY CO., LTD., China

    “This year's swop has a large number of professional visitors, the effect is good, and during the show we have met the intention of target customers. Many large corporate customers from dairy, food and beverage industries. ZHONGYA has cooperated with swop for many years, hoping that swop can do better and better in the future, and also hope that we can get more business opportunities through the platform of swop.”

  • Mr. Joe Yu

    Sales Director, TEDERIC MACHINERY CO., LTD., China

    "We have been cooperated with swop for almost 4 years and we have been able to get effective customers and large orders onsite the show every time. The organizer of swop 2023 has invited many high-quality overseas customers. We got greater harvest at the show this year."

  • Mr. Robin Liang

    Planning Supervisor, Eiahe Machinery Co.,Ltd., China

    “swop 2023 attracts professional visitors from all over the world. During the show, we received many international visitors. Eiahe is also looking forward to sharing the industry trends and exchanging the latest technological innovations with professionals, buyers, suppliers and corporate decision makers from various industries, as well as visitors interested in the packaging field.”

Visitor Statements
  • CEO, CEVETA, Poland

    “I find the machinery quality is better and better from year to year. I found very advanced technology from this exhibition. I would like to keep contact with the suppliers and place some order to them.”

  • Purchasing manager, Laiko Group, Cyprus

    “I’m from a different industry and I’m looking for the packaging machinery. I have seen exhibitor provide different components, and most of them are top 1 or top 2 companies in the industry. I had a lot of good information from them. swop is big and has a lot of suppliers.”

  • CEO, LN Trading and Nur Trading, Bangladesh

    “I’ve been to the similar exhibition before, but swop is different, I can find from beginning to the end, one-stop packaging solution from it. Here I can find the companies from European, Asian and all over the world, together to show their products.”

  • General manager, Amadu Business International Sarl, Mali

    “I have seen many good technology and suppliers in China. I have told my colleagues back in Mali and what I have seen onsite and very possibility next time we will organize a small group to come back to swop again.”

  • Mr. Zhao Liang

    Director of manufacturing, Hesheng plastic products co., LTD., China

    “At swop, we are mainly looking for some packaging industry automation solutions, including testing equipment, automatic packaging equipment. In additional, demand to some labels, parts manufacturers. We contacted the interested exhibitors onsite, basically achieved the purpose of visiting. Expect to see more international products and machineries on automation and digitalization at next year's show.”

  • Mr. Fan Congping

    Purchasing, Goodbaby Children's Products Co., LTD, China

    “The exhibition is very good, the whole show is big enough to see a lot of things. I have also experienced some new technology and access to some new resources onsite. I hope next year we can have more exchanges and communication.”

  • Mr. Ian Moore

    General Manager, The Soap Factory, New Zealand

    “It is my first swop and it’s been a wonderful experience meeting new suppliers I was looking for my business. The Business Matching is definitely a great help! It is very efficient and helped me by saving a lot of time on finding the right exhibitors and navigating to the booths. The staff was very helpful and the personal buyers escorting service leading me directly to the booths and helping with communication is excellent. I will definitely recommend swop to other companies and attendees.”

  • Ms. Natalia Loktionova

    Purchasing Manager, Nika Ltd., Russia

    “The entire exhibition has been absolutely great. It is my second time in swop. I have seen that the expo has grown a lot since the last time I have been here. This year we found that there is a great variety of exhibitors. Thank you for the extreme hospitality.”

Associations Statements
  • Hangzhou Industrial Design Association,China

    “We think the trade show is great, especially the concurrent event is very attractive, the forums onsite are all very good. Our member companies are very interested in the AI-driven future international design innovation forum, a capacity crowd at the scene.”

  • Mrs. Baigalmaa Byambasuren

    Chairman, Mongolian Trade Promotion Association, Mongolia

    “swop 2023 is much better than the previous one in regards of exhibitors’ quality and quantity. We are satisfied with the advanced technology of machinery, equipment, products and materials displayed at this exhibition. Most members are able to find suitable suppliers during the visit. “

  • Dr. Somsit Moonsatan

    Chairman, Machinery and Metal Work Industry Club, Federation of Thai Industries, The Kingdom of Thailand

    “There were many interesting machines in swop2023 which are up to standard at affordable prices. I would like to express deep appreciation to the Organizer for all the preparation works. We had a good time at the show and look forward to the next edition. "

  • Shanghai Pudong Printing Trade Association, China

    “swop highlights professionalism and foresight, it is committed to creating a packaging industry supply chain platform, while presenting over 10 professional forums and technical concurrent events for the visitors, which created a comprehensive platform for packaging people around the world to display, educated, exchange and cooperation.”

  • Danyang Printing Association, China

    “swop is a well-known and influential packaging and printing trade show in China, and it is an event that cannot be missed by practitioners in the packaging and printing industry. It brings together the world's high-tech essence of packaging and printing machinery products. Through our visit, we have benefited a lot by greatly expanded the vision, increased knowledge, experienced many innovation products, new technology.”