Review swop 2019 Statements from exhibitors & visitors

Statements from exhibitors & visitors

Exhibitor and Visitor Statements for swop – Shanghai World of Packaging 2019


Exhibitor Statements
  • Mr. Fei Yihao

    General Manager of Packaging and Printing Division, Shanghai Jielong Group Co., Ltd., China

    " This year, Jielong Group was honored to participate in swop 2019 as an exhibitor. There were many visitors on site, and the attendees were very enthusiastic and professional. swop connects us as packaging providers to both clients and the production suppliers in the Chinese market. It provides a one-stop integrated service that connects the entire supply chain. "

  • Mr. Wei Yongming

    Sales Director of Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd., China

    "swop 2019 is a first-class processing and packaging professional exhibition in China and even in Asia. Through the technology expo, it provides a platform for manufacturers and suppliers in various fields to communicate and exchange ideas. It extensively promotes the transition of the packaging industry, from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing". With increased automation applications, packaging machinery industry is continuously developing towards high-end and intelligent. The show leads the future packaging trends"

  • Mr. Xia Xiongfeng

    General Manager, Hangzhou Zhenhua Glass Co., Ltd., China

    After two days of the exhibition, I am very satisfied with the results of swop 2019. Several professionals came to visit our booth. The visitors at swop are professional with a strong desire to explore the development trends of future packaging. It provides a wider space for the packaging industry to grow. swop is the exhibition of packaging industry players.

  • Mr. Yan Cheng

    Head of Sales Department, Dalian Altma Industry Co., Ltd., China

    "With the help of the swop platform, we have connected with very high-quality customers, which is very good branding and promotion for us both in China and abroad."

  • Mr. Nikki Xiong

    Senior Manager of Greater China Marketing Communications, Sealed Air (China)Co., Ltd.

    This year we delayed our participation confirmation in the exhibition and thus the booth location received was not very prominent; but there was still a good flow of traffic on site, and there were many activities. I hope that swop will become better in the future and be an efficient platform for more professional suppliers and clients.

Visitor Statements
  • Mr. Kong Hailang

    Purchasing Manager, Goodbaby International, China

    This year's swop is a very good event with a good range of exhibitors. I met all the exhibitors I wanted to meet onsite. My main focus was packaging machinery and packaging products. I was looking for code printers, recyclable and sustainable materials and paper products onsite. I gained a lot of new ideas and concepts. I’m looking forward to the next exhibition, I hope that such a good exhibition can be held every year.

  • Mr. Kong Fanjing

    Packaging Engineer, Mondelēz International, Inc., China

    This exhibition has a high degree of comprehensiveness. I was looking for packaging design materials onsite and the SIVA College booth caught my attention. Some of the designs are very innovative and trendy. I hope that more exhibits will be displayed next time with a bigger booth. SWOP is very concerned about the ideas and trends of the new generation of young people, and I will follow the next SWOP closely.

Associations Statements
  • Shanghai Printing Industry Association

    This year is the first year that we cooperated with swop. During the visit, I felt that this is a comprehensive packaging exhibition. Here we saw the product display of the complete industry value chain of the packaging industry. Exhibitors demonstrated various machines onsite. Our professional visitors learned about the latest technology in the packaging industry. In short, the overall visiting experience was great!

  • Dr. Sven Breitung

    VDMA Printing and Paper Technology Trade Show and Research Department, German Machinery Manufacturers Association, Germany

    The number of exhibitors has increased since the last edition of swop and has doubled since the first edition in the year 2015. The increase in the number of visitors increases the possibility of successful business transactions that can be completed. swop is definitely the No.1 event in processing and packaging in Asia which show cases the latest trends and new ideas to next generation.

  • Mr. Zhou Wei

    Secretary General, Shanghai Association of Food Contact Materials, China

    Swop 2019 was held on a large scale with many exhibitors, which cannot be separated from the careful and detailed arrangements made by the organizers. The professional and high-quality service provided by the organizer, made it a smooth experience for all visitors. We look forward to further and deeper cooperation in future.

  • Mr. Qi Fangxian

    Secretary General, Changzhou Food Industry Association, China

    The association has participated multiple editions of swop organized by your company and has benefitted a lot. Some enterprise representatives said: "swop brings together advanced technology and high-quality exhibitors in the packaging field. For example, I saw a label inspection machine that uses high-quality video camera to quickly identify the QR code in motion. This provides some new ideas for the upgradation of our current products.” Another representative said: "I carried 25kg of documents back home for further study...! Thanks to the leaders of the Food Association for giving us the opportunity ... it’s really an eye-opening experience ..."

  • Mr. Li Hao Biaojing

    Membership Department, Hangzhou Industrial Design Association, China

    Relevant persons representing design enterprises led by Hangzhou Industrial Design Association participated in swop 2019 for the first time. They experienced the intimate service of the organizer to the fullest and learned the development trends of China's packaging industry. The SIVA design forum was of special interest as it presented the new trends in the design industry. The entire forum was full of people, and it was very successful. I am very honored to visit this exhibition and look forward to the next visit!

  • Mr. Wang Zhaowen

    Secretary General, Shanghai Sugar, Tobacco, Liquor and Tea Business Association, China

    We broadened our knowledge by visiting swop and understood the development trends in intelligent, integrated, personalized and environmentally friendly practices in the packaging manufacturing industry. We also learned about new technologies and development trends in the packaging industry. This time many companies actively participated and built connections with exhibitors, based on their own packaging needs.

  • Mr. Chen Fengwei

    Secretary General, Shanghai Sugar Food Association, China

    swop builds a platform for enterprises to meet packaging manufacturers directly, and presents advanced technologies intuitively, providing enterprises with convenient procurement options. The organizer's service is also very user-friendly and attentive. Despite the cold wind, the reception is still very warm and satisfactory. Thank you!