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Zhejiang Renimoshen Precision Machinery Co., LTD.

Booth Number:N2/N2S20

Address: Zhendong Road, North Of Donglin Functional Zone, Qingshan Industrial Park, Donglin Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou, Zhejiang

Website: http://www.rnmslm.com/

company profile

Zhejiang Renimoshen Precision Machinery Co., LTD. Rnms LM® is one of the professional manufacturers of linear motion functional parts in China. The company has always been adhering to the "continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence" concept of development, the commitment to provide customers with newer, better products. Rnms RN®, a subsidiary of the company, fully meets the special needs of customers for self-lubricating polymer maintenance-free high-performance materials through continuous improvement and upgrading of its own products over the years.

Application Industry

    Food ,Pharmaceuticals ,Meat ,Aquatic product ,Confectionery ,Baked Goods ,Fruits and Vegetables ,Dairy ,Ready meals ,Frozen food ,Liquid food ,Others ,Medicines ,Health food ,Biological products ,Bulk drug/pharmaceutical adjuvant ,Others

Main Products

  • First Packaging Machines

    • Sealing Machines
    • Wrapping Machines
    • Vacuum Packaging Machines
    • Aseptic Packaging Machines
  • Outer Packaging Machines

    • Palletizers
    • Strapping Machines
    • Shrink Wrapping Machines
    • Automatic Box Filling Machines
    • Cartoning Sealing Machines
    • Labeling Machines
    • Spiral Wrapping Machines
    • Pillow Packaging Machines
    • Vertical Packaging Machines
  • Automated Smart Packaging Machines

    • Packaging Industrial Robots
    • Palletizers
    • Transporter
    • Sorting Machines
    • Containing Machines
    • Stacking Machines
    • Demolition Machines
  • Plastics Packaging Machines

    • Blow Molding Machines
    • Blowing Machines
    • IML
    • Injection Molding Machines
    • Blown Film Machines
    • Heat Transfer Machines
    • Moulds
  • Machines and equipment for manufacturing food, confectionery and baked products

  • Machines and equipment for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics production

  • Production Machine of Containers

    • Cover Machines
    • Bottle Making Machines
    • Cup Machines
    • Blowing Machines
    • Bag & Sack Making Machines
    • Canning Machines
  • Printing packaging

    • Carton packaging
    • Printing equipment for offset printing, flexography, gravure, etc.
    • Special printing equipment for screen printing, etc.
  • Inkjet / Laser Printers / Bar Coding

  • Measurement and Testing Machines

  • Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging

Product Information

  • Product Category: Accessories and services  

  • Product Category: Accessories and services  

  • Product Category: Accessories and services  

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