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Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd. 

Booth Number:N2/N2B08

Website: https://hualian.biz

Application Industry

    Plastic Products and Parts ,Packaging/Printing ,Food ,Beverage ,Pharmaceuticals ,Cosmetics and Daily Care Products ,Non-food Products ,Packaging Films ,Plastic Packaging Products and Containers ,Packaging Sheets ,Packaging Printing Services ,Others ,Wines and Spirits ,Non-alcoholic beverages ,Dairy ,Others ,Meat ,Aquatic product ,Confectionery ,Baked Goods ,Fruits and Vegetables ,Dairy ,Ready meals ,Frozen food ,Liquid food ,Others ,Medicines ,Health food ,Biological products ,Bulk drug/pharmaceutical adjuvant ,Others ,Cosmetics ,Personal care products ,Cleaning products ,Raw materials of daily chemical ,Others ,Consumer Electronics ,Household Appliances ,Toys ,Gifts ,Jewels / clocks / watches / luxury products ,Industrial Goods ,Logistics and Transport ,Chemical raw materials and additives ,OEM/ODM processing services

Main Products

  • First Packaging Machines

    • Sealing Machines
    • Wrapping Machines
    • Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Outer Packaging Machines

    • Palletizers
    • Strapping Machines
    • Shrink Wrapping Machines
    • Automatic Box Filling Machines
    • Cartoning Sealing Machines
    • Labeling Machines
    • Spiral Wrapping Machines
    • Pillow Packaging Machines
    • Vertical Packaging Machines
  • Automated Smart Packaging Machines

    • Packaging Industrial Robots
    • Palletizers
    • Transporter
    • Sorting Machines
    • Containing Machines
    • Stacking Machines
    • Demolition Machines
  • Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging

Product Information

  • Product Category: Sealing Machines  

  • Product Category: Sealing Machines  

  • Product Category: Automated Smart Packaging Machines  

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