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“Guo Chao” Packaging Design Week makes its surprise debut at swop 2021


In recent years, “Guo Chao” has been rising. Concepts such as “made-in-China”, “crossover”, “co-branding”, and “IP” have become hot topics in today’s society. The rise of “Guo Chao” has also brought vitality and new opportunities for the packaging industry. 


The “Baidu Guo Chao Pride Search Big Data" indicated that, from 2009 to 2019, peoples’ attention to Chinese brands increased from 38% to 70%. Among the "hottest" Chinese brands, White Rabbit, Lao Gan Ma, Wong Lo Kat, Forbidden City, Dunhuang, Li Ning, Bosideng, Geely, Huawei, Chando, and Pechoin are on the list.


“Branding, Digitization, Internationalization” forms the power of “Guo Chao”


The rise of the “Guo Chao” is not only a simple sentiment, but also the return of user value and rational consumption consciousness, the continuous rise of cultural confidence in the domestic consumption field, and the innovative status quo of domestic brands. The traditional Chinese culture represented by “Guo Chao” is moving towards internationalization and is being more well known. China attaches great importance to brand building and emphasizes the need to "promote the transformation of “made-in-China” to “designed-in-China”, the transformation of Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands."


Opportunities or Challenges? How do enterprises remain the front runners of the “Guo Chao” trend?


The “Guo Chao” trend is creating a huge new market, in which domestic brands are gradually moving towards internationalization, and industries such as Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics are all involved. As a result, it has become a key focus by many industries to be a front runner of this trend. Domestic brands such as Bright and Chic cream took the lead in seizing the opportunity and stood out from the crowd by taking advantage of the packaging design trend. Domestic brands such as the Palace Museum and White Rabbit combine the “Guo Chao” trend with IP, creating crossover diversity. These practices have given many traditional industries the opportunity to quickly increase their brand awareness and take up the younger market. 


swop 2021 introduces the “Guo Chao” Packaging Design Week which is full of exciting events 


The influence of “Guo Chao” has penetrated into the packaging design industry. Brand rejuvenation has gradually become mainstream. With the re-emergence of many brands, new fashion connotations have been given to these brands and many companies have also introduced related national-tide style product packaging designs. With this background and opportunity, swop2021 has set up a special design week for “Guo Chao” in Hall N4 of SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Center) to show Chinese manufacturing, tell stories of Chinese trends, and demonstrate the true strength of China. “Guo Chao” Packaging Design Week provides the terminal market with a new idea of Chinese fashionable product packaging design, gives brands new concepts with the help of the “Guo Chao” packaging design, and leads to the upgrade of enterprises of all industries.


As soon as the zone was launched, it attracted many exhibitors. Up to now, more than ten exhibitors including Shanghai Techsun, Chuyan Packaging, HSM Technologies, Sinno Cosmetic, and ZhuangZe Bio-Tehnique have confirmed their participation. The exhibits include fully biodegradable materials, thermoplastic starch materials, flame retardant masterbatches materials and other packaging materials, plastic products, high-tech anti-counterfeiting traceability and anti-counterfeiting packaging, cosmetic OEM/ODM production and processing, cosmetic packaging, health care product packaging, etc. The zone area is expected to exceed 300 square meters. Well-known companies in the industry, such as HSM Technologies and Dongfang Puff, will share the latest products and technologies of packaging materials in the speech area.


Big brands at 'design week zone'.  Stay tuned for more…


The “Guo Chao” Packaging Design Week will include a special guest speech area. Speakers will be invited from well-known enterprises such as Florasis, Jiahua, Li Ning, Mondelēz International, Chicecream and White Rabbit, as well as well-known design companies such as LKK, Relang and Sanrenxing. Each speech will be unique and informative. 


During the 3 days, we will cover new product technology, packaging design, brand story, and interpret the keywords of “Guo Chao” for you! Our goal is to provide you with multi-angle, multiple-level, and all-round different new ideas for packaging designs.


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swop is not only a packaging exhibition. Here you can find the latest industry news covering 8 major terminal industries of food, beverages, desserts, bakery, medicine, consumer chemicals, non-food consumer goods and industrial products. swop continues to introduce a number of innovative themes such as the Guo Chao Packaging Design Week, "SAVEFOOD" and the FMCG Infinity Zone to create special areas for the exhibition. Based in the Asia-Pacific, swop will leave its footprints all over the world, providing a "supply and demand" platform for the current packaging market, showcasing customized packaging solutions and innovative designs in various fields, and leading future packaging trends.


swop 2021 will cover a broad range of categories, including AI, smart factories, label printing, processing and packaging components, packaging materials and container manufacturing, e-commerce and logistical packaging, innovative packaging materials, package design, customized packaging, and lightweight packaging. It will offer innovative packaging solutions for the entire production chain and showcase smart processing and packaging production lines. Five special areas will display all the hot spots of the packaging industry.


For companies that are interested in participation, please visit the official website: www.swop-online.com to enjoy the Early Bird Offer for booth reservation, or scan the official WeChat QR code below to stay tuned with the latest swop news.


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