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Towards the Global “Dual-Carbon” Goal - Spotlight on the Green Power Zone at swop 2022 for “Equipment, Material, Factory and Industry Chain”


In order to cope with the increasingly grave global climate challenge and advocate green development and lifestyle, China has made a commitment to “peaking CO2 emissions before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060", which has drawn extensive attention from both home and abroad. The “dual-carbon” goal advocates a green, environmentally-friendly, and low-carbon lifestyle. Accelerating the pace of reducing emissions is conducive to guiding enterprises towards green technological innovation and improving green development in the supply chain, so as to enhance global competitiveness of the industry and economy.


The total carbon emissions from China's packaging industry was about 100 million tons in 2021. A low-carbon footprint as a new development direction for the industry will also be a major opportunity for packaging enterprises to realize green and low-carbon transformation. Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) in short, is aligned with these new developments as it launches the "Green Power Zone" in 2022 to witness how packaging enterprises take their every step towards the “dual-carbon” goal.


Low carbon packaging materials for a smaller carbon footprint: cool tech and innovative ideas with "hidden potentials"


Various industries have responded to the call for energy conservation and emission reduction. Low-carbon packaging and materials have become one of the biggest environmental trends adopted by manufacturers of food, beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Industrial Goods Packaging companies. The competition among major companies has extended to carbon reduction, environmental protection and other social value areas. According to a survey of Presence, the use of recyclable containers in the global packaging supply chain has increased 23% over the previous year, with aseptic cartons up 9% and glass up 2%. This shows that sustainable packaging has great potential for the future.


Label-free product packaging, improved packaging processes, new materials, and low-carbon packaging development are becoming the new trends in sustainable packaging today. Danone, PepsiCo, Nestle and other FMCG giants are leading the development of reducing carbon emissions of packages and applying environmental-friendly solutions to encourage recycling. From packaging materials, products to solutions, many more new business opportunities are in store for packaging manufacturers and suppliers.


Packaging machine and equipment with renewable energy and latest technology to achieve low-carbon production


On July 8, 2022, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued the Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in Shanghai (Plan). The main objectives established in the Plan are that by 2025, energy consumption per unit of GDP will drop by 14% compared to 2020, the proportion of non-fossil energy in total energy consumption will reach 20%, and CO2 and emissions per unit of GDP will comply with the national targets.


More and more packaging companies are joining the action to "peak carbon dioxide emissions and achieve carbon neutrality". Adopting recyclable materials for packaging, improving production technology, optimizing process equipment, integrating technological innovation into the production process, and promoting energy saving and consumption reduction are among the measures of how packaging enterprises can reduce costs, achieve low-carbon production, and reduce "carbon emissions” throughout their processes. Oriented towards the “dual-carbon” goal, packaging enterprises are prepared to embrace the new development opportunities.


Promoting recyclability and sustainability of packaging to create green and low-carbon smart factories


With the global policy of low-carbon, energy-efficient, circular, and green packaging orientation, and the increasing consumer awareness of environmental protection, the packaging industry will be increasingly drawn to green, efficient, low-carbon, recyclable, and sustainable development. Under the guidance of the national dual-carbon target, more and more packaging companies have started to actively explore green packaging, build green and low-carbon smart factories, promote technological innovation and energy efficiency, drive green and low-carbon development, and improve their competitiveness.


“One step at a time”: improving green development throughout the packaging supply chain


Driven by the global trend of low-carbon development, China's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and the introduction of relevant policies, the society and economy are experiencing high-quality growth and industrial green transformation. The packaging industry has also ushered in unprecedented opportunities to promote packaging recycling and capacity sharing. The entire industry chain is working together to achieve low-carbon, energy-efficient and environmental packaging, storage, and transportation. Examples such as the "π-box” from S.F. Express, the "Qingliu box” from Jingdong Logistics, and reusable insulated boxes for fresh food adopt intelligent, recyclable, and reusable packaging solutions, which help companies achieve the carbon neutrality vision.


Keeping up with the times and responding swiftly to the latest demand of the packaging market——swop launches the "Green Power Zone"


swop will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 14 to 16, 2022. Implementing the dual-carbon goal and the concept of circular economy, green design and recyclable packaging, swop 2022 will launch the “Green Power Zone” with a focus on a variety of new materials and their production equipment, including biodegradable materials and packaging, full biodegradable bag-making machines, paper-plastic packaging products and equipment, and paper container production equipment. The goal is to help companies reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve low-carbon and energy-efficient growth. The zone has attracted over 150 exhibitors, including renowned enterprises such as Yuto, Beauty Star, Zidan, Guolong, Hengxin, HGHY, Reberet, HSM, Esun, Hua Wei, Jia Lian, Mr. Bamboo, Demag, ExxonMobi, Huain, Gardner, SUNKEA, Stark, Tederic, Techuang, Xian Jun Long, Xinxin, Into, KUKA, and Xinlei.


The "Green Power Zone” will also feature a forum, where experts from the Shanghai Society of Plastic Industry, the Shanghai Packaging Technology Association and industry will be invited to elaborate on “dual-carbon", green and environmental protection, among other current hot topics, and discuss new trends in packaging from multiple perspectives. The event is expected to attract many key buyers.


About swop


Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. will join hands once again to present the Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 14 to 16 November 2022. Shanghai World of Packaging (swop), as a member of the interpack alliance, the world's leading packaging machinery and processing exhibition, will make full use of the interpack alliance’s global network and professional resources to provide an excellent trade display platform for domestic and foreign processing and packaging machinery manufacturers, packaging material production suppliers. swop will provide one-stop processing and packaging solutions for end buyers of food, beverages, medicine, daily chemicals, sweet, bakery, non-food consumer goods and industrial products.


swop 2022 will cover a broad range of categories, including AI, smart factories, label printing, processing and packaging components, packaging materials and container manufacturing, e-commerce and logistical packaging, innovative packaging materials, package design, customized packaging, and lightweight packaging. It will offer innovative packaging solutions for the entire production chain and showcase smart processing and packaging production lines. Five special areas will display all the hot spots of the packaging industry.


For more information, please visit the official website: www.swop-online.com, or scan the official WeChat QR code below to stay tuned with the latest Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) news.


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