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Shanghai World of Packaging:A hub for the latest trends in packaging, with nine key thematic highlights at a glance!


Shanghai World of Packaging (swop), as a member of the interpack alliance, the world's leading packaging machinery and processing exhibition, stands out with its international and specialized attributes. This has actively attracted a multitude of renowned domestic and foreign packaging companies and professionals. This year, swop is set to take place from November 22nd to 24th, 2023, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)! The expo is anticipated to span an area of more than 62,000 square meters, bringing together nearly 900 domestic and overseas exhibitors. swop is dedicated to offering the packaging industry a broad vision and introducing international packaging trends, promoting the application of innovative concepts, and assisting packaging professionals to excel in their careers.


swop 2023 will bring numerous topical highlights to packaging insiders, including international packaging trends, sales boost through AI, weight and volume reduction, moderate packaging, sustainable new materials, new regulations on food contact packaging, and digitization and smart packaging, exploring innovative solutions in packaging design and production.


swop 2023 will host more than ten industry forums, new technology exchange sessions, etc. Concurrently, thematic display areas, packaging highlights, and various events are planned to offer a fresh panorama of the packaging industry. The expo aimes to facilitate the exploration of greater business opportunities for both upstream and downstream packaging enterprises, crafting another splendid chapter among industry peers.


Nine major highlights unveiled, encapsulating industry quality and sharing future packaging trends:

International Packaging Dialogue - Insightful discussions exploring the new future of the packaging industry. International packaging experts from countries such as the UK, USA, France, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Belgium, and the Netherlands will share their insights on topics including the new European regulations on food contact materials, insights into Japan's AI packaging market, French creative elements for packaging, German selected brand display area, European sustainable packaging gallery, etc. Through these dialogues, we jointly delve into the new horizon of the packaging sector.


FMCG Infinity Zone - Bringing together over 400 quality packaging material and product suppliers who together forge some of the best-selling sustainable packaging products. Collaborating for the fourth time, swop and the "Home of Packaging" platform are co-organizing the "FMCG Pavilion". The showcased products cover plastic packaging products, films, chemical raw materials, flexible packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging, paper packaging materials, carton packaging, paper-plastic packaging, catering packaging, biodegradable materials, anti-counterfeiting packaging, cushioning packaging, etc. This year, the FMCG Pavilion has set up two special lines: daily chemical packaging and food & beverage packaging. Numerous renowned exhibitors include SABIC, ExxonMobil, Guolong Plastic, INTCO, Beauty Star, YUTO, Shanghai Zidan, Jielong Group, Xianjunlong Printing, LEEKEE Packaging, Jingli Can, Eur Asia Packaging, Shaoneng Group, Jinsheng New Materials, ACMEpac, Forop, Push Group, RIZONE, Goldstone, DARE Global, Hansin, Ningbo Color Master Batch, etc.


ODM/OEM - Selected original packaging factories. From product planning, formula R&D, packaging design, raw material procurement for packaging to canned production, offering professional, high-quality, efficient, and convenient OEM and ODM packaging services, aiding businesses in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. Selected suppliers for you to choose from include YAYAN COSMETICS, Zhuangze Bio-Technique, Foshan WIN Cosmetics, YFF COSMETICS, MEANLOVE, SINCERE COSMETICS, Yatuo Bio-Tech, KANGMEI, COSMO BEAUTY, etc.


Green Power - Actively responding to the new regulations on excessive packaging and rapidly creating sustainable brands. Over 150 green packaging material and equipment solution provider companies will present at the exhibition, mainly displaying environmentally friendly packaging materials, equipment, technology, including biodegradable materials, recycled plastics, pulp molding, reusable packaging, biodegradable bag-making equipment, paper mold packaging and equipment, green printing materials, etc. Renowned exhibitors include SABIC, ExxonMobile, YUTO, Guolong Plastic, INTCO, Mission Recyco, Beauty Star, Shanghai Zidan, Hengxin Packaging, Home-Link, Euro Asia Packaging, Far East Pack, Guangzhou Nanya Pulp Molding Equipment, Luzhou Pack, HGHY, Shenzhen Esun Industrial, HSM Technologies, CEViLLE, IntopHolding, Green Packaging, etc.


Packaging Design and Marketing - With the ever-changing FMCG market and evolving consumer preferences, how can one quickly win over consumers? SIVAPACK Studio collaborates with swop once again, pooling designer strengths to display current successful packaging designs and future-oriented packaging styles, collaborating with brand owners to capture consumers' hearts and narrate compelling brand stories. Concurrently, the "AI Drives the Future" forum will be launched, jointly discussing the impact of artificial intelligence on global packaging development trends from packaging design and marketing perspectives.


Smart Packaging & Personalized Packaging Equipment Zone - Achieving automated production workshops to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This zone assembles approximately 300 suppliers of packaging machinery and container manufacturing equipment, dedicated to offering automated, intelligent, and customized packaging solutions, aiming to enhance production efficiency and cut costs for enterprises. Notable exhibitors include Demag Plastics Group, KUKA, Tederic, JINGYE Machinery, Jwell Machinery, Jiasu Machinery Technology, ONGO Precision Machinery, Xinlei Machinery, ZHUXIN Machinery, Malex Machinery Technology, Onuo Machinery, MULTIVAC, YoungSun, Zhongya Machinery, Hualian Machinery, Eiahe Provol Group, RENPAK, FerroFoss Machinery & Foundry, Yuedong Machinery, SDW Packaging, Ruida Paper Cup Machine, Discover Machinery, Zhejiang Xinli Machinery, Ruizhi Packaging Machinery, HP Exhibitor Group, German Exhibitor Group, etc.


SAVE FOOD - The Save Food (China) forum, jointly initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations China office and the     Düsseldorf Exhibition Group, will return to swop 2023. The event plans to invite government entities, research institutions, private sectors, and international organizations. Additionally, a special segment focusing on “pre-made meals and fresh food packaging”will be introduced, displaying advanced technologies that extend shelf life. The intention is to establish solutions across the entire value chain, from farm to table, thereby minimizing global food wastage and loss. The expo will feature food processing equipment, packaging equipment, and high-barrier packaging materials.


Functional & Safe Packaging Materials - Offering a multitude of packaging materials to ensure high barrier, freshness, antimicrobial & moisture resistance, heat & cold resistance, and sustainability, ensuring product safety and quality. On display are trending materials like PE, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PC, PVC, PS, PET, EVOH, biodegradable materials like PLA/PHA/PBAT, bio-based materials, recyclable materials PE/PP, aluminum foil, paper materials, composite materials, plastic composite film, paper-plastic composites, etc. swop 2023 will feature renowned packaging material enterprises including KaidaPack, Forop, Hualong Film, SUNKEY, HUAFON TPU, MOE Technology, JINPAC, Hujiang Composite Materials, JINXINPAC, ZLONE, ABLE Packaging, Shenzhen Esun Industrial, Huawei New Materials Technology, Ruize Arts, Pando, 51CUP, SowinPak, and more.


E-commerce & Express Logistics - Exploring innovative packaging and intelligent solutions for e-commerce and express logistics! swop 2023 will showcase the latest in logistics and packaging solutions, catering to the modern consumer's demand for swift, safe, and eco-friendly logistics services. This includes buffering/logistics/paper packaging such as foam, buffer bags, air columns, pallets, wooden boxes, perimeter boxes, specialty packaging, returnable containers, pulp molding, honeycomb cardboard, corrugated kraft paper bags, etc. Also, logistics packaging equipment such as foam equipment, pulp molding equipment, buffer bag machines, box opening/sealing/filling machines will be showcased. Renowned companies at the site include MULTIVAC, YoungSun, RENPAK, Brother, SDW Packaging, Fullink, XingPack, Coolyoung, Malex Machinery Technology, Jiada Machinery, YINAIER, Hongming Intelligent, HGHY, Far East Zhonggan Technology, KBD Pulp Molding, Ristro, PENNO, RISEN, etc.


Looking forward to meeting you from November 22nd to 24th, 2023, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center for the swop 2023 - an unmissable international event in the packaging industry!


About Shanghai World of Packaging (swop)

Shanghai World of Packaging is co-organized by Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai and Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., and will be held annually. swop will focus on such themes as Artificial Intelligence, sustainable packaging, smart factory, printing and labeling, processing and packaging components, package container production, e-commerce and logistics packaging, innovative packaging materials, packaging design, personalized packaging, packaging light-weighting, packaging design, etc., to provide innovative omni channel packaging solutions and showcase intelligent processing and packaging production lines. At the same time, special exhibition areas and distinctive zones will be available at the expo to cover all the trending topics in the packaging industry.

For more information, please visit the official website: www.swop-online.com, or scan the official QR code below to stay tuned with the latest Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) news.

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Established in 2009, Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MDS) is a subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, one of the world’s top 5 exhibition organizers. MDS is committed to introducing world’s No. 1 trade fairs to China and to providing Chinese and international customers with superior exhibition services. MDS is successfully holding more than 20 leading trade fairs and conferences in China, covering the industries of printing, packaging, wire and tube, plastics, renewable energy, medical devices, retail, safety and health, wine & spirits and caravanning. MDS runs branch offices in Shanghai and Beijing with a workforce of some 70 full time employees. The worldwide outbound exhibition business (trade shows in Düsseldorf, Germany and other leading Messe Düsseldorf Global Shows) is organized by Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd. (MDC), serving Chinese exhibitors and visitors with superior customer service from its Hong Kong branch office. Find out more at www.mds.cn


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