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ODM/OEM Pavilion Shines at Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) 2023——Light Assets, Low Costs, Rapid Market Launch!


Brands increasingly face the growing demand for customization, emotional appeal, and innovative ideas. Therefore, to have a competitive edge, they must prioritize exterior design and focus on product capabilities and quality as they control cost and reduce time to market. Furthermore, companies must respond to challenges swiftly and efficiently in the competitive landscape of social media, e-commerce, and live-streaming platforms.


The ODM/OEM Pavilion will be launched for the first time at swop 2023 and will feature light assets, lower costs, rapid market launch

The ODM/OEM Pavilion brings together a wide range of select suppliers, offering high-quality cosmetics, skincare, face masks, aerosols, perfumes, and a full line of OEM products. Notable suppliers include Yayan, Zhuangze, Wanying, Health & Beyond, Sinno, Qingzi, iColor, Fulin, Yufan, Meanlove, Sincere, Yatuo, Kangmei, Cosmobeauty, and more. They provide high-quality cosmetics, skincare, face masks, aerosols, perfumes, and other products. No matter your brand positioning, all you need to do is put forward your requirements and ideas for these OEM/ODMs to provide you with a one-stop solution.


Shining together at swop 2023: three themed events present the perfect combination of FMCG packaging and marketing 

In addition to the ODM/OEM Pavilion, swop 2023 will showcase the perfect collaboration of FMCG packaging and marketing.


[FMCG Infinity Zone] swop 2023 has collaborated again with "Packaging Family" to bring together over 400 premium packaging materials and product suppliers to help create sustainable packaging bestsellers.


This year, the themed pavilion has established two distinct exhibition lines for household and personal care product packaging and food & beverage packaging, showcasing a wide range of FMCG packaging designs and innovations. From food and beverages to personal care and household products, the FMCG-themed pavilion brings together a multitude of creative product packaging inspirations, allowing you to appreciate eye-catching packaging designs up close and experience the essence of packaging and brand marketing. Additionally, the Shaoxing Shangyu District Cosmetics Packaging Industry Association intends to participate in swop 2023 by collaborating with renowned cosmetics packaging suppliers. This year, the focus will be on showcasing various cosmetics packaging materials and products, including tubes, bottles, pumps, caps, lids, and accessories of various types.


【Green Power】offers you thrilling sustainable experiences! It showcases a variety of packaging solutions featuring eco-friendly packaging materials and equipment that assist businesses in achieving their sustainability goals and creating brand narratives. Engage with over 150 green suppliers to explore the latest sustainable technologies and processes.


Moreover, the Green Power exclusive forum has invited top experts from Europe and renowned companies like Procter & Gamble, Yili, Decathlon, and others to share insights on enhancing product competitiveness through sustainable packaging. They will improve product competitiveness by leveraging market insights and creativity to create appealing brand narratives. 

Furthermore, Green Power has established a dedicated European Sustainable Packaging zone! As world actively responds to the emerging trend of lightweight packaging, the packaging community continues to explore and seek the best sustainable packaging solutions. Europe has had remarkable achievements built on its consistency in promoting the application and innovation of sustainable packaging by using eco-friendly materials, optimizing packaging structures, and advocating for a circular economy. 


swop 2023 has partnered with well-known market insights firm Innova Market Insights to enable you to experience sustainable packaging from Europe firsthand. The exhibition area will showcase sustainable packaging case studies and innovative practices from multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, Saudi Arabia, and others in the food and beverage industry. Packaging professionals can explore outstanding sustainable packaging from Europe through this highlight showcase area at swop, further promoting sustainability in the industry.


【Packaging Design and Marketing】Designers and marketing experts from various countries will share new concepts and exciting, innovative ideas in AI-driven design, providing participants with a rich diversity of inspirations. Experts from Japan will discuss how AI can integrate consumer insights, big data, packaging design, novel elements, and other factors to enhance FCMG product appeal and sales and enable them to quickly capture the market. 


With valuable insights, networking, and business opportunities, swop 2023 provides comprehensive insight into the hot topics across the entire packaging industry chain 

As a member of the interpack alliance, a world-leading packaging exhibition, and one of the influential exhibitions in the packaging industry, Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) attracts numerous renowned packaging companies and professionals due to its global vision and specialization. This year, swop will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 22nd to 24th! With an exhibition area of over 62,000 square meters, the exhibition will attract nearly 900 exhibitors from China and abroad. swop is committed to providing the packaging industry with a broad perspective and international packaging trends, facilitating the practical application of innovative ideas, and enhancing the efficiency of packaging professionals.


This year, swop will delve into numerous industry hot topics, including international packaging, AI-driven sales enhancement, weight and volume reduction, moderate packaging, sustainable new materials, new regulations on food contact materials, and smart and digital solutions. The exhibition will also explore how to apply innovative solutions in packaging design and production.


swop 2023 will host over ten industry forums and new technology exchange meetings, will introduce themed exhibition areas and packaging highlights, etc. These events will showcase the entire packaging industry value chain, enabling upstream and downstream packaging companies to explore more business opportunities in the new landscape and collaborate with their partners to achieve success. In addition, this year's featured topics include: 

【Global Packaging Experts Dialogue】- Innovative Insights, Exploring the 
New Future of the Packaging Industry
【Intelligent Production and Personalized Packaging Equipment Zone】- Achieving Automation for Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement
【SAVE FOOD】 - Cutting-edge Technologies for Extended Shelf Life
【Functionality and Safety of Packaging Materials】- Achieving Multiple Functions, including high insulation, freshness, heat and cold resistance
【E-commerce and Logistics】- Innovative Packaging and Smart Solutions for E-commerce and Express Delivery


Looking forward to meeting you from November 22nd to 24th, 2023, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center at swop 2023 - an unmissable international packaging industry event!


About Shanghai World of Packaging (swop)

Shanghai World of Packaging is co-organized by Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai and Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., and will be held annually. swop will focus on such themes as Artificial Intelligence, sustainable packaging, smart factory, printing and labeling, processing and packaging components, package container production, e-commerce and logistics packaging, innovative packaging materials, packaging design, personalized packaging, packaging light-weighting, packaging design, etc., to provide innovative omni channel packaging solutions and showcase intelligent processing and packaging production lines. At the same time, special exhibition areas and distinctive zones will be available at the expo to cover all the trending topics in the packaging industry. 


For more information, please visit the official website: www.swop-online.com, or scan the official QR code below to stay tuned with the latest Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) news.

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