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swop 2023 Innovation Insights: Transnational dialogue with key players explores the latest advancements of the packaging industry


As a member of the interpack alliance, the Shanghai World of Packaging (“swop”) will greatly benefit from the alliance’s global promotion network and professional expertise. The exhibition is dedicated to establishing an all-in-one sourcing platform throughout the entire supply chain that integrates worldwide resources and exhibits new equipment, materials, technology, and packaging designs.



swop offers an international packaging platform to buyers and visitors, fostering communication and cooperation channels within the industry. swop presents ample chances for buyers to engage in face-to-face communication and negotiation with exhibitors from various countries and regions. Additionally, attendees can expand their knowledge of the latest packaging technologies and products. On top of that, the exhibition arranges diverse industry forums and events to disseminate industry advancements and state-of-the-art information, giving exhibitors and visitors several opportunities to learn and network.


Build a professional platform for the industry to explore the future of packaging This year, swop will feature prominent packaging experts from countries around the globe presenting new industry trends and insights from diverse viewpoints, providing unparalleled inspiration. International packaging experts from the UK, the US, France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands will share their insights into the packaging industry with all attendees at swop 2023. Attendees can expect to learn about Japan’s new approach to AI packaging market insights, new elements of French packaging ideas, a showcase of selected German brands, and the European sustainable packaging experience gallery, among other topics of interest.


International AI Packaging: New approach to AI x Market Insight x Design, Generative AI aesthetics blended in packaging design

Brand narratives are embedded into packaging design to communicate the values and stories of products, thereby bolstering consumers’ identification with and loyalty to said products.  Japan’s AI packaging market utilizes artificial intelligence technology and design concepts to uncover market trends and consumer preferences, enabling companies to swiftly comprehend market demand and make packaging design choices accordingly. Germany plays a crucial part in the realm of generative AI aesthetics and design, blending established art practices with emerging AI technologies to produce designs that embrace both classic and cutting-edge elements.


The “AI Driven Future Forum-The Impact of Artifical Intelligence on Global Packaging Trends”, a concurrent event to swop 2023, will invite Mr. Michihiro Shibata from Plug Inc, Japan and Mr. Kenichi Tamaki, Marketing Consulting Director, INTAGE CHINA to deliver speeches titled "New evolution on package design by using AI technology" focusing on three key topics: AI, packaging design, and market insight. Mr. Lasse Scherffig, Professor at the Köln International School of Design, will showcase the ingenious application of AI in packaging design, including its visual impacts, through his presentation "Generative AI Aesthetics and Its Role in Design”, aiming to exhibit the superiority and innovation of German design.

swop debuts the "European Sustainable Packaging Experience Gallery" to offer visitors a firsthand encounter with new packaging innovations

This year, “Green Power”, one of the hot themes of swop 2023, will offer you an exciting event. Here, you can view a variety of eco-friendly packaging materials and equipment and learn about the sustainable brand narratives of both industry and brand leaders. swop highlights the European Sustainable Packaging Display Zone, where you can experience the passion and creativity behind sustainable packaging in Europe. Innova Market Insights will showcase various sustainable packaging solutions, such as biodegradable and recyclable materials as well as designs for recycling. Selected exhibits include: Lightweight plastic bottles with up to 50% less packaging materials; bottle caps with 23% less plastic made from up to 88% recycled materials and bagasse; substitute coffee capsules wrapped in 100% biodegradable plant fiber; recyclable sugarcane packaging hoses for a sustainably upgraded bathing experience; 70% recycled cardboard packaging; 70%+ recycled paper fiber packing boxes ...


New elements of French green packaging ideas

French packaging designs prioritize attention to detail and exquisite design that complements the product itself, while also highlighting environmental protection and sustainable development. More and more designers are integrating recyclable and biodegradable materials, alongside the concept of recyclable packaging, into their designs, all with the aim of decreasing their environmental impact. The swop 2023 selected forum "GREEN POWER Sustainable Packaging: How to improve product competitiveness" has invited Mr. Matthieu ROCHETTE-SCHNEIDER, General Manager Greater China, Centdegrés (Shanghai) Creative Design Co., Ltd. to present on the topic of “Focus on Green and Sustainable Solutions, Open New Territories of Packaging”. Centdegrés is well-known for their beauty product design and has expanded into industries beyond cosmetics, including jewelry, food, wine, and pharmaceuticals. It has created distinctive brand identities for multiple companies, boosting their sales and expanding their market share. It has won multiple domestic and international awards for its exceptional works. 


German National Pavilion at swop 2023, selected international companies under one roof

The German packaging industry is renowned globally for its remarkable innovation and exceptional quality! At swop 2023, the German Pavilion will again convene with top-tier companies showcasing innovative German packaging solutions for potential buyers. Exhibitors in the pavilion include HOERAUF, HERMA, Novexx, WOLF, Herrmann, ICOTEK, TüV Rheinland, Boxon, Edelmann, and Createch. They will present innovative German packaging solutions to buyers. The exhibitors will shape the future of the packaging industry, presenting innovative packaging equipment and materials while exploring future packaging possibilities with both domestic and international attendees.


Bringing together exhibitors from around the world, swop 2023 is dedicated to establishing a global exhibition platform

Internationally acclaimed packaging companies will convene in swop 2023 to showcase an array of packaging solutions to visitors, driving innovation and advancing the packaging industry. Exhibitors include: Demag (Germany), ExxonMobil (USA), Leister (Switzerland), Pattyn (Belgium), SABIC (Saudi Arabia), TUV (Germany), UNITED CAPS Kulim, and SMARTCO. Those international brands will showcase a range of packaging solutions to attendees of the exhibition, advancing the innovation and growth of the packaging industry. Whether companies need assistance with raw material selection, package material design, or equipment, they can find the ideal solution at the exhibition to receive comprehensive support and meet their packaging requirements.


swop 2023 will offer a visionary look into the packaging industry with cutting-edge innovations. Get ready to experience the vast array of packaging solutions and the dynamic packaging industry. We look forward to seeing you at swop 2023 (Shanghai World of Packaging) in the Shanghai New International Expo Center from 22 - 24 November, 2023. See you then in this must-attend “event in the processing and packaging industry”!


About Shanghai World of Packaging (swop)

Shanghai World of Packaging is co-organized by Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai and Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., and will be held annually. swop will focus on such themes as Artificial Intelligence, sustainable packaging, smart factory, printing and labeling, processing and packaging components, package container production, e-commerce and logistics packaging, innovative packaging materials, packaging design, personalized packaging, packaging light-weighting, packaging design, etc., to provide innovative omni channel packaging solutions and showcase intelligent processing and packaging production lines. At the same time, special exhibition areas and distinctive zones will be available at the expo to cover all the trending topics in the packaging industry. 


For more information, please visit the official website: www.swop-online.com, or scan the official QR code below to stay tuned with the latest Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) news.

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