Who are they and how are they like? Interview with ZHENG Jian, the new president of "PKG Family"


“PKG Family” is a platform for professionals. Since its establishment in 2011, it has recruited around 1,300 FMCG members. “PKG Family” organizes various industry exchanges and technical training sessions to show members the latest trends and cutting edge technologies in packaging industry. This helps members to develop products that better express brand story and value. “PKG Family” is committed to establishing a valuable ecosystem of FMCG industry chain.


The cooperation between PKG Family and swop is natural and meant to be
"PKG Family" started to work with swop in 2015. According to Mr. Zheng, the cooperation is natural and meant to be. At the beginning of the cooperation, “PKG Family” presented the “PKG Family” special zone at swop 2015 with great success and popularity. In 2017, as the swop brand accumulates popularity in the fast-moving consumer goods packaging chain in China and worldwide, swop 2017 has become a global and professional trade show. The previous two editions have laid a solid foundation for this year. As of press time, 571 exhibitors have registered for swop 2019, an increase of 55% over the previous edition. Committed to leading future trends in the packaging industry and exploring new technologies, swop 2019 provides comprehensive services to end buyers from food, beverage, household chemical product, pharmaceuticals, electronics, flexible packages, printing, packaging design and packaging material containers. Participation of leading companies in the packaging industry makes certain that swop 2019 is set to shine and thrive.​​​​​​​



Eight years of dedication to the industry

“PKG Family” is also working with swop to contribute to the development of the packaging industry. After eight years of development, "PKG Family” has now established a dedicated boutique pavilion in 2019.


The “Boutique Pavilion” brings together quality suppliers in the packaging industry and selects outstanding prototypes for display. The PKG Family brings together top suppliers, the most creative and crafted exhibits, iconic prototypes and the most innovative and popular products. It provides one-stop services to manufacturers for product development, inspiration, information and solutions, bringing together top suppliers in the industry and organizing visits, exchanges, learning and interaction among major brands for resource sharing. For end-use brands, this exhibition space allows for visiting the latest packaging products in the industry all year round. For packaging material manufacturers, it is a good opportunity to demonstrate their innovation competence. “PKG Family” and “Boutique Pavilion” are well connected through online and offline interactions to promote the packaging industry in China. At the same time, the “Boutique Pavilion” also has a training venue for “PKG Family” technology salon to maximize its influence and attention.


“PKG Family” pavilion and exhibits


In addition to the “Boutique Pavilion”, “PKG Family” is also dedicated to publishing books for the packaging industry. According to Mr. Zheng, “PKG Family” is dedicated to these books which have far-reaching significance. With the recovery of the world economy, improvement of consumption and e-commerce, China's FMCG packaging industry is rapidly emerging. The development of China's packaging industry requires knowledge and experience. Publication of the " Encyclopedia of China Packaging Technology" is fit for the times and economic development. It starts with the market and goods from the perspective of packaging professionals, interprets consumer psychology and aesthetics for packaging, while providing a solid foundation for quality improvement in the Chinese market. Encyclopedia of China Packaging Technology was highly recognized and received by the industry since its publication. "Encyclopedia of China Packaging Technology -Household Chemical Product" and " Encyclopedia of China Packaging Technology-Tests" are in high demand. As for future perspectives of the packaging industry, manufacturers need to fulfill higher requirements in brand development, environmental protection, technology, material, printing and marketing. Packaging design which is “safe, healthy and environmental-friendly” will be the trend. With a focus on general demand, innovation, individuality and culture, a good designer defines the beauty of balance with the most fundamental craftsmanship and design, so that consumers fall in love with the product "at first sight" and “won’t let it go”. Mr. Zheng hopes that this book promotes design innovation for the industry and serves as a piece of excellent teaching material and practical guidance for college students of packaging major.

“Encyclopedia of China Packaging Technology"

An outstanding platform as PKG Family needs a forward-looking and open-minded leader: the new president of "PKG Family”, Mr. ZHENG Jian. Graduated from Shanghai University with a degree in packaging engineering in 2000, Mr. Zheng has worked in packaging development and management teams for international FMCG companies such as Coty, Dior, Unilever and L'Oreal. To challenge himself, he joined the -BI iMBA program at Fudan University in 2016 and became the person-in-charge for business development in China for Billerudkorsnas, one of the largest paper manufacturers in Europe in 2017. From a development and procurement role at an end-use brand, to a marketing and sales position for raw materials at the most upstream end of the packaging supply chain, Mr. Zheng embarked on a new journey of challenge and performance. In his first year with Billerudkorsnas, its paperboard business in China grew by nearly 300%, as a result of marketing, sales service and technical support. The advantages of paperboard are being widely recognized, thus increasing value for more and more brands. In 2010, he became acquainted with Mr. WU Lin, the founder of “PKG Family”, and later joined his organization. In addition to his work, he has served as the team leader of “PKG Family”, head of culture and sports division, and vice president of the operations center. In October 2018, Mr. Zheng took over as the president of "PKG Family” from Ms. XU Yunxia.


ZHENG Jian, President of "PKG Family"


The future of PKG Family is a three-fold development. It will continue to focus on technology and development of its members and enterprises, and cultivate packaging talents based on a combined online and offline model. At the same time, following the current trend of Internet development, PKG Family will launch more quality products, including professional packaging resources, solutions and qualifications, with the aim to further develop China's only “family-like" social platform for packaging professionals.


The people behind PKG Family wish to transform the packaging industry in China with dreams, joy and pride.


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