Review swop 2019 Statements from exhibitors & visitors

Statements from exhibitors & visitors

Statements from exhibitors & visitors

Exhibitor and Visitor Statements for swop – Shanghai World of Packaging 2017


Exhibitor Statements
  • Ms. Julia Wu

    Sales Support & Marketing Manager Asia of Multivac, P.R. China

    " MULTIVAC has been one of the important exhibitors since swop launched in 2015. Compared with 2015, more effortwas put into promotion by the organizer. We found swop advertisements spread over various major industry and media channels, promoting not only for the show but for exhibitors as well. During show, we received some packaging inquiries from customers in the industry. As a member of the SAVE FOOD China Forum,MULTIVAC probed further into the topic on how to reduce food loss and waste, together with leading food processing and packaging exhibitors. The feedback was rather positive. "

  • Mr. Richard Chen

    Deputy General Manager of Demag Plastics Group, China

    "We were deeply impressed that there were so many professional industry visitors at swop 2017. Many of our customers were present at swop as well. Numerous customers were there to discuss the purchases and cooperation with us. We also feel very good about the future of China's packaging market. As the consumer base expands, the demand for packaging and the style of design will increase accordingly."

  • Ms. Lydia Yang

    Marketing Supervisor, Engel Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, China

    "This was our first participation in swop and it’s kind of experiment for us. The flow of people was fine, but we had some interesting discussions, and met a lot of potential customers. We will participate next time and may bring with a full system equipment for exhibition."

  • Dr. Sven Breitung

    Trade Fairs and Research of Printing and Paper Technology, VDMA, Germany

    "Generally swop is the no.1 market for German machine manufacturers which works in packaging production. The German companies are happy about the attraction of the quality promise made in Germany at swop 2017. The perfectly organized trade fair really shows what the word “swop” means – the World of Packaging from packaging materials to smart packaging in one show."

  • Mr. MaxLoh

    Asia Sales Director, Printpack (Suzhou) Packaging Co. Ltd., China

    "I think swop 2017 is very good because of the abundant resources and networksshared by the three organizers including Adsale, Messe Dusseldorf and China Food and Drug International Exchange Center, as well as the support from partners and Package Family. I am very grateful to attend this platform to showcase the exhibits and I am very satisfied see so many domestic and international visitors. I believe the development of China's packaging has unlimited possibilities. Compared to the United States, every Chinese consumer used more plastic packaging per year than the United States, so demand is relatively large."

  • Ms. Amy Xie

    Marketing Manager, Changzhou Huituo Technology Co.,Ltd, China

    "swop is an extension of interpack in China, jointly organized by Adasale and Messe Düsseldorf. It’s a grand gathering of the packaging industry, exhibiting packaging machines from various industries. swop is also a great opportunity for us to learn about clients’ demands from all over the world. This time, we brought our latest production, servo smart pump capping machine to swop, a world leading level machine. As an international platform, swop let more and more people learn about Made in China."

  • Ms. LanNai Ying

    Deputy General Manager, Xian Jun Long Printing Co., Ltd., China

    "This is the second time I participated in swop. Compared with 2015, we think this exhibition has been upgraded in all aspects such as the number of professional visitors and the number of brands. We feel like we were invited to a great party and I believe swop will become better and better every year! For our company, there were international visitors but the proportion of domestic visitors was larger. For example, there were many popular brands in the Yangtze River Delta such as Estee Lauder. Although the exhibition area was not very large, it is more focused on the latest packaging technology, which attracted numerous new customers and old customers so I was very grateful to attend the platform. In addition, China's packaging industry is growing. The packaging technologies are superb and upgraded due to the contribution of the leading exhibitors. I’m very confident and optimistic about the development of China's packaging and the exhibition."

Visitor Statements

    Consulter, Coffee Service, Europe

    "This is my first time to swop and I found it is worth visiting. The machines are comparable with those made in Europe. Also, I am impressed that the price is reasonable and much cheaper than those I’ve bought before. I am interested in booth W1L01, took some photos and will think about purchasing. So far, I didn’t plan the budget for spending at this show but will place order if the price meets my expectation."


    Manager, Canada’s Pride Printing Co., Canada

    "The quality of the exhibitors is very good and I came to look for packaging machinery to expand my printing business to packaging business. I’m glad that I can find many relevant exhibits at the show. I have ordered ($100,000) worth of machinery from the suppliers on site and will definitely visit the show again in 2019!"


    Factory Manager, Quanzhou Orakle Coding Product Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Netherlands

    "I am a manufacturer of packaging and this is my first time participating at the fair. I came to find new suppliers and potential business partners. The show is very professional and I see a lot quality exhibitors. The visitor registration speed is very fast and I am quite happy with the show’s overall performance."


    Process Development Manager, Natures Way Foods Ltd., UK

    "This is my first time to visit swop. I came here to have a look at what is new in the packaging market and what kind of new packaging technologies may appear in the future market. Also we are looking for automation, new packaging, labeling and see what’s in the rest of world today. The most impressive technology I see at swop 2017 is the Family forming / Family molding which can change your mold and brush the printing all in one piece of machinery. It’s a very good experience to visit swop and it can be comparable to other exhibitions that I’ve been to. It’s very different as it exhibits something we cannot see in UK and Europe as many exhibitors are from China. I am impressed with the automated manufacturers, such as horizontal form machines, whole packaging line from end to end, processing side of things like packing, forming, labeling and wrapping. We will definitely visit the swop again!"


    Managing Director,Imperial Art Design, The Republic of Congo

    "I think swop is an interesting exhibition and this is my first time visiting the show. I have not yet placed any order but I have took a look samples. Will review and contact the exhibitors later. I am particularly interested in the products of Ruian Lilin Machinery Co. Ltd and TrojanJet Intelligent Technologies. I’ve visited around 5 shows a year and I prefer the shows in China as I can find many good quality exhibits."


    Operations Manager, SITCO LLC, Oman

    "I came here to look for some packaging machinery and I am happy to see many relevant exhibits at the show. I am very satisfied with the show management. Compare to the last edition, I can see the increase of the exhibiting area and the number of machines. I had a fruitful visit and will definitely come again."


    General Manager, BCS‧Autobox,Romania-Bulgaria-Hungary

    "This is my first visit to swop and we found it is a high quality show. Some machines are even comparable with that made in Europe. Also, price is reasonable and it is much cheaper than those from Europe and the US."


    Group CEO, Yong Wen Food (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

    "This is my first time to visit swop. The profile of exhibitors is good, the fair was coordinated and organized very professionally and it was indeed a good visit."


    Buyer, Plastic Packaging (PTY) Ltd., Namibia

    "This is my first time participating at the fair. I have found a lot of suppliers which fit my company’s needs. It was a good experience for me to understand more about the operation of Chinese factory through communication with exhibitors. The show is great and there are numerous of professional concurrent events that are worth attending."

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