K Special: BASF to introduce new Ultradur formulations



At the upcoming K Show 2019, to be held from 16-23 October at the Messe Dusseldorf, BASF has revealed plans covering the introduction of two new additions to the Ultradur polymer range.


These include Ultradur B6551 LNI for extrusion applications and the first thermoformable PBT, Ultradur B6560 M2 FC TF.


The chemicals manufacturer says the new polymer grades 'combine all the well-known characteristics of the Ultradur family' , such as high melting point, low water absorption, high dimensional stability and good barrier properties.


Improved melt strength has been achieved by connecting the polymer chains using tailor-made additives. This is said to make Ultradur B6551 LNI the ideal material for pipes, profiles and mandrels.


Ultradur B6560 M2 FC TF is suitable for the extrusion of films and thermoforming packaging or complex parts.


BASF says that both grades offer good mechanical properties as it is produced from monomers through to final product. Ultradur grades are also easy to colour and are suitable for foaming applications.


The Ultradur range features a range of partially-crystalline thermoplastic saturated polyesters. Material types from the range are used across a series of industries, including automotive and electronics, through to food products.


At K Show 2019, BASF SE will be located in Hall 5, Booth C21.


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