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Circular Economy

Towards the global “Dual-Carbon” goal, circular economy has become the key point of low carbonization, recycling and sustainability of plastic packaging. swop 2023 will present “Green Power Immersive Interactive Zone” for the first time. Creating an immersive and interactive communication platform for packaging supply chain.
Exhibition Profile:
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Degradable product
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Separation equipment
  • Granulation/cutting equipment
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Crushing/shredding equipment
  • Degradable equipment


4 Reasons Why



Those who exhibit will not only benefit from the flow of 35,000+ visitors from food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other sectors, but also have a face to face communication with other 900 processing and packaging manufacturers who exhibit at swop.


E-commerce Packaging Automation Delivers Low-cost Personalized Packaging

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics industry is now under the spotlight, attracting the attention of various venture capitalists. Amazon acquired Kiva Systems for USD 775 million, while ploughed money into its own warehouses. It is necessary for logistics companies to have a comprehensive intelligent logistics system, with independent intellectual property rights. A complete hardware system typically consists of conveyor equipment, storage equipment, loading and picking equipment, re-batching equipment, re-binning equipment, packaging equipment and sorting equipment.



Industry 4.0 aims to automate intelligent manufacturing in the future, allow for components and machines to communicate with each other, and for raw materials, machinery, plants, transportation and distribution to be efficiently integrated. This enables all systems to respond to ever-increasing customer demands and international competition. Whether applied in foods, drinks, medicines, cosmetics, non-food consumer goods, industrial products or in other end industry, the demand for intelligent components and innovative packaging solutions are increasing. 


Why with us?


Added Value for Everyone

We know markets and market players, follow industry developments, and know what moves companies and customers — therefore we are able to build on this when developing trade fairs and trade fair themes. To make our events so attractive that visitors from around the world come to our trade fair in China.



With our worldwide network of participations, partners, 10 subsidiaries and 75 foreign representative offices covering 139 countries, we offer exhibitors and visitors the highest degree of competence and expertise.


interpack alliance show network

All processing & packaging events of the new trade show network benefit from the unified strategy and the international expertise in the packaging and processing industry. Furthermore, all knowledge and know-how of the world leading trade show “interpack” is contributed into the development of all international events owned by Messe Düsseldorf.


Unbeatable advantages

Visitors are able to experience the entire world of packaging, packaging materials, food and drink industry all at one time. While doing this, they save time and money for the numerous small niche events. Exhibitors can be sure to get concentrated attention and can use their budget very efficiently.