Packaging Intelligence Future

Time: 1:30~4:30PM, Nov. 8, 2017     Location: Meeting Room W3-M10

Organizers: swop 2017


Topics: Packaging Intelligence Future


Related industry: Not only the producers form the food, beverage, confectionery and bakery industries, but also the namufacturers of meat, fresh food, fruit, vegetable, agricultural products, liquid food and other sectors.


Scale: 200 attendees


Language: Chinese
Topic 1
Welcome Speech
Topic 2
The Technology Development of Intelligence Packaging on Food
Mr. LU Lixin, Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangnan University
Topic 3
A Look into Intelligence Packaging on Food
Mr. DU Zhongyong, Vice Secretary General, Shanghai Society of Food Science
Topic 4
The Latest Situation of Food Packaging in Japan
Mr. Hirai Junichi, Chief Packaging System Research Officer, Japan Packaging Institute
Topic 5
How Far Will We Reach Intelligence Packaging?
Mr. He Congyou, Chief Engineer, Shanghai Zidan printing Co., Ltd
Topic 6
The Trend and Equipment Requirement of Plastics Packaging on Cosmetics
Mr. Lin Maoqing, Head of Technology Management Department, Shenzhen Beauty Star Co., Ltd
Topic 7
Packaging Automation and Robotics
Mr. Xia Weixing, President, Shanghai XingPack Automation Co.,Ltd