Special area

Special area



The SAVE FOOD initiative from the partners Messe Düsseldorf and the FAO aims to drive innovations, promote interdisciplinary dialogue and spark debate in order to generate solutions across the entire value chain "from field to fork", and hence make a contribution against global food losses. SAVE FOOD debuted in China during swop 2017 and generated a huge amount of interest from the industry. During swop 2019, SAVE FOOD China will again be present with a featured area and forum to share innovative concepts and technologies with the public.


FMCG Future Zone

The total transaction volume of China's FMCG B2B industry in 2018 is predicted to reach 20 trillion RMB (roughly3,122 billion USD). For manufacturers of packaging materials and products, the FMCG packaging market offers enormous business opportunities. swop 2019 will once again team up with the industry pioneer "Packaging Family" to present the "FMCG Future Zone" and showcase the latest packaging materials, ideas, technologies and new products/designs for end use industries such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Print City

Under the influence of digital technology, artificial intelligence and environmental protection policies, China's printing industry is experiencing three major trends, i.e. digital printing, smart packaging and green printing. With digital printing technology, labels can be easily personalized for creative packaging. Printing and labeling, as an integral part of the packaging industry, will be covered in the "PrintCity" featured area, which will debut at swop 2019 with the latest printing and labeling equipment and technologies for the packaging industry.


E-commerce & Logistic Packaging

In order to spearhead the trend of e-commerce packaging, Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. together with Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. has announced the launch of the “E-commerce Logistics Packaging Theme Exhibition”; a satellite exhibition of swop, which will focus on: E-commerce packaging automation, takeaway food packaging, green packaging, packaging design, fresh food cold chain packaging, flexible processing and production, intelligent warehousing system, IoT intelligent packaging, distribution packaging materials for products purchased online, personalized packaging.



‘components’ debuted as an exhibition parallel to interpack in 2014, and will now be introduced to swop 2017. The trade fair targets companies specialising in motors and drive technology, control and sensor technology, products for machine vision, handling technology, industrial software and communication as well as complete automation systems for packaging machines. It is also directed at manufacturers of machine parts, components, accessories and peripheral equipment and of components and auxiliaries for packaging means.